"Reviving Recipes" movie & food tasting event
@ organic & slowfood cafe REAL FOOD

watch and taste ! a discovering story of Japanese heirloom vegetables

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Have you ever heard about heirloom vegetables?
It is a unique vegetable which has been handed down from generations for hundreds of years in various regions in Japan.
However, most of them are in danger of extinction these few decades, as mechanism agriculture, in which optimization and mass production through the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers are prioritized.It is because heirloom vegetables takes more time and labour to create its stronger uniqueness compared to the common vegetables.

In such modernized machine times, there is a nationwide trend to invent and reinvent its taste and value through a creative Chef's unique recipes,by making use of unique taste,texture,and flavor of heirloom vegetables,to boost tourism and industry,vitalization of local communities,and connection with the people.

This movie "reviving recipes" is a true-life story, in which people review old value and produce new value, and connect with the people through eating deliciously.

Now, this true-life story is not only in the movie, not just a story somewhere in Japan.
It was popped out from the screen in Japan, and crossed over the country, and here we have this event in order to share this movement with a lot of people in Singapore.

Besides the movie "reviving recipes",
we prepared for another opportunity where you will be entitled to see and eat "heirloom vegetables", taste their dishes after the movie.
You will not only watch the movie, but also get to taste the actual "heirloom vegetables".

It is our great pleasure to invite you to explore the unique taste and value of "heirloom vegetables", to be more interested in food which you are eating daily, and to be connected with someone through tasting nice food and gathering.

And one more...

We prepared for a small token of our gratitude, and hope it will assist you heros and heroines in this story to create your own next episode.

DATE 29th March (Saturday)3PM−6PM

    110 killiney Road Tai Ah Building Singapore 239549

TICKET Advance : 40SGD Door : 45SGD
available @ this website or Real Food shops
(central / square 2/ killiney / west coast, http://realfoodgrocer.com/contact_us.html)


welcome drink made with organic ingredient delivered
from a farmer at Penang in Malaysia

screening a tasty movie touching your heart " Reviving Recipes"

Food tasting with " heirloom vegetables " delivered from farmer in Japan.

a small gift with our gratitude


A person who loves tasty food
A person who is interested in Japanese traditional cultures,
A person who like beautiful scenery and movie,
A person who want to be tied with someone,
A person who like having fun, a person who like novel,
And A person who is hungry a bit.

We would very much like you to come over to this event with your precious ones.


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Sat Mar 29, 2014
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM SGT
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110 Killiney Road Tai Wah Building Singapore 239549 Singapore
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